High End Villa for Sale in Sobha Hartland Dubai

Real Estate Property Tax Rate in Dubai

Real Estate Property Tax Rate in Dubai. Dubai can be easily be classified as the ideal place for real estate investment for investors as well as for end consumers. Dubai is one of the cheapest cities for property investment in the world when taking property tax rates in the world’s large cities; it is easily noticeable that Dubai is one of the cheapest cities in the world for property...

Dubai Real Estate and Bitcoin

Can I buy Real Estate in Dubai with Bitcoin?

The very big question is asked over. Is Bitcoin accepted in Dubai Real Estate? Can I buy property in Dubai with Bitcoin? Yes; It is possible to buy a property using bitcoin cryptocurrency in Dubai – but not all sellers would accept a digital currency offer, and if they do, they may only take well-known crypto kinds like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You may have heard of the Cryptocurrency phenomenon...


Dubai Real Estate Trends Explained

Complete Overview with Expert Insights in Dubai Real Estate. Dubai’s real estate market continues bull run despite inflation. Real Estate Properties for Sale in Dubai has always attracted over 200 Nationalities. Here is a complete overview of Dubai’s real estate market, factors promoting its growth, recent laws and more Dubai continued to buck the trend and rise against the headwinds of...


Is Sobha Hartland A Good Investment?

In Dubai, Sobha Hartland makes full use of Property Boom.   Meydan based Sobha Hartland is immediate beneficiary of Dubai pick up. Sobha Hartland has become one of the most viable and trustworthy investment in Dubai's real estate industry. Dubai: Bigger homes and room for green - that’s how property buyers in Dubai responded as soon as real estate activity started to pick up from August of last...

Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate Properties


Looking for Key Reason to Buy Real Estate in Dubai? Dubai as we know it, is one of the safest city in the World. This time we have made our article brief with highlights of bullet points on why you should gladly invest in Dubai Real Estate comfortably. Having a variety of real estate in the industry, Dubai offers luxury and affordable apartments, villas, plots, and commercial properties for...

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